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State Funds Workshop
September 15-16, 2009
St. Louis, MO

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State Fund Survey Results (Please note that these PDFs are meant to be printed on legal size paper)
»Table 1: Design Characteristics of State Financial Assurance Funds
»Table 2: Funding for State Financial Assurance Funds
»Table 3: Level of Activity in State Financial Assurance Funds
»Table 4: Cost Control Measures and Management Practices Used by State Financial Assurance Funds
»Table 5: State Fund Updates

Other documents to which speakers referred at the Workshop:
»National Water Quality Inventory 2000 Report(Chapter 6 (page 52) includes the reference to the 39 states that indicated that LUSTs are a major source of contamination and the direct link to that Chapter can be found at
»Groundwater Report to the Nation: A Call to Action. (A Summary Sheet of Chapter 7 "Ground  Water & Underground Storage Tanks" can be found at The Entire Section can be found at
»EPA's 2008 Report on the Environment. (This is the report that states 51% of the U.S. population drinks groundwater. Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Chapter 3: Water (PDF)". The reference is in Section 3.3.1 - Introduction, page 3-25.)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome and Introduction
Introduced by: Chuck Schwer, VT

Leaders from ASTSWMO, Missouri’s Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund and U.S. EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) will provide opening remarks and welcome attendees to the ASTSWMO State Funds Workshop.

  • Leanne Tippett-Mosby, MO, ASTSWMO Region 7 Board Member
  • Carol Eighmey (MO), Executive Director, Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund: Welcome
  • Carolyn Hoskinson, Office Director, EPA OUST

Overview of Results from the 2009 State Fund Survey

Financial Responsibility Session-Part I: Update on EPA’s State Fund Guidance Report

The session seeks to inform attendees on EPA's progress on its Regional Guidance for the Oversight of State Funds and Supporting and Related Activities.  The session will also be a forum for discussion among EPA, EPA Regions and States regarding the status of State funds and how monitoring, information sharing and collaborative efforts can address existing challenges and anticipate future ones.

Financial Responsibility Session-Part II: Private Insurance Panel Discussion
Moderated by: Chuck Schwer, VT

During this session, attendees will hear from presenters where tank owners in two States are using private FR mechanisms to meet financial responsibility requirements. The presenters will discuss the pros and cons of these mechanisms from a State regulators perspective. Delaware will share the results of a recent survey it conducted of tank owners asking specific questions on the mechanisms effectiveness. Michigan which is in the early stages of conducting a similar survey will also offer their perspective. Lastly, we will hear from the State of Maine that will share its experience regarding their fund’s evaluation by the legislature to determine if the State fund would remain as the State’s FR mechanism. Maine will share some of the lessons learned from this experience.


Economic Impacts to State Funds and Discussion of the Economic Stimulus
Co-Moderated by: David Chambers, NE, and Kevin Beery, UT

Presenters will discuss how the economy has either positively or negatively impacted their State Fund programs.  In addition, EPA OUST will provide an update on the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Economic Stimulus) efforts. This session will include a discussion of guidance, reporting, progress, and other topics, along with time for questions from and discussions with the audience.


Cost Control Roundtable
Co-Moderated by: Karen Stephens, MS, and Chuck Williams, FL

This informal round table session will provide an opportunity for participants to share information from their State Fund programs pertaining to any aspect of the ever popular cost control theme. Whether it be a successful new cost control strategy, a new twist on an old strategy, a cost control problem in need of a solution or an approach that was tried but did not work out as anticipated, there is always something to be learned from the experience of others who have been there before.

Discussion and Wrap Up of First Day           
Moderated by: Chuck Schwer, VT, and Chuck Williams, FL


Day Two - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Forum Discussion
Co-Moderated by: Chuck Schwer, VT, and Chuck Williams, FL

This session will provide attendees an opportunity to discuss any issues affecting their State Fund program, find out what other States are doing on a particular issue and discuss other topics by submitting questions. Note cards will be distributed to all attendees in their meeting packets and will also be available at the ASTSWMO Registration table. All note cards must be submitted back to the registration table by the conclusion of the afternoon break on September 15, 2009.

Old vs. New Discharges
Co-Moderated by: Perry Theriot, LA, and Tara Rosie, AZ

This session will focus on how different State Funds have worked through the following issues in both a technical and legal scope, associated with multiple releases at the same site. The following issues that will be discussed include, but are not limited to: numbers of deductibles, source of releases, liability for third party claims, technical determinations of source of releases, date of releases, effects on legislated ceilings, and other associated impacts on reimbursement of claims.

11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.                  
Wrap up and Review Action Items
Co-Moderated by: Chuck Schwer, VT and Chuck Williams, FL

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