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2015 Mid-Year Meeting, April 22-23, 2014

Plenary Session: Commmunication for Changing Environments
Presented by: Nick Grace and Gordon Ng (JBS International)


Plenary Session: Community Based Social Marketing
Presented by: Jennifer Tabanico (Action Research)

2014 Annual Meeting, April 23-24, 2014

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Moderated by: Mike Forbeck (PA), ASTSWMO President

  • Mike Forbeck (PA), ASTSWMO President, Welcome to the 40th!
  • Mathy Stanislaus, Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA OSWER: OSWER Update
  • Larry Starfield, Deputy Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA OECA: Next Generation Compliance
  • Dania Rodriguez, ASTSWMO Executive Director, Presentation of the 2014 ASTSWMO Strategic Plan


Plenary Session: Facilitated Discussion on 40 years of Protecting Health and the Environment
Moderated by effery Steers (VA), Ed Thamke (MT), Gary Baughman (CO), and Stephen Cobb (AL) and features the experiences of ASTSWMO members working in waste management.

Tanks- Innovative Strategies to Address the National LUST Cleanup Backlog
Moderated by: Stephen Reuter (NM), ASTSWMO LUST Task Force Chair

  • Wayne Pudney, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • Lee Osborn Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • Russ Olsen Washington State Pollution Liability Insurance Agency


2014 Mid-Year Meeting, April 23-24, 2014

Welcome and Opening Remarks*
Moderated by: Ryan Benefield (AR), ASTSWMO President

  • Jeffery Steers (VA), ASTSWMO Past-President: Welcome to Virginia
  • Barry Breen, Deputy Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA OSWER: OSWER Update


Plenary Session, Part 1: Transitioning to Long-Term Management
Moderated by Karen Hale (OH), PIE Subcommittee Chair

Plenary Session: Transitioning to Long-Term Management
Moderated by Karen Hale (OH), PIE Subcommittee Chair

Sponsored by Cardno, HDR, and Timmons Group

Speaker: Joe Rieger, Deputy Director-Restoration of the Elizabeth River Project: Restoring the Elizabeth River from the Bottom Up: A Community Approach to Sediment Remediation


CERCLA and Brownfields Session: Brownfield Redevelopment Challenges
Moderated by: Jennifer Roberts (AK), CaBS Chair, and Meade Anderson (VA), Brownfields Focus Group Vice-Chair   

This session will look at the Brownfield process through the eyes of a third-party developer. The presentation will focus on challenges encountered and how the challenges were remedied while working on redevelopments in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The session will also provide insight on available assurances currently available from U.S. EPA’s Office of Site Remediation Enforcement (OSRE). The session will also provide time to allow the audience to discuss brownfield sites where development issues/delays occurred.



2013 Annual Meeting, October 29-30, 2013

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Moderated by: Jeffery Steers (VA), ASTSWMO President

  • The Honorable Madeline Z. Bordallo, U.S. Representative, Guam
  • Mathy Stanislaus, U.S. EPA OSWER Assistant Administrator
  • Jeffery Steers (VA), ASTSWMO President


Plenary Session: Groundwater
Moderated by: Karen Hale (OH), Program & Information Exchange Subcommittee Chair

Groundwater, Part 1


Groundwater, Part 2


CERCLA and Brownfields: Balancing groundwater protection and remediation costs
Moderated by: Jennifer Roberts (AK), CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee Chair

  • New Mexico water protection model and case study on the North Railroad Avenue Plume chlorinated solvent CERCLA: Phyllis Bustamante and Steve Jetter, New Mexico Environment Department
  • Saunders Supply Company Superfund Site(VA) Case Study: Meade Anderson,VA, Department of Environmental Quality
  • Update on Groundwater Cleanup Policy: David Cooper, USEPA



2013 Mid-Year Meeting, April 24-25, 2013

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Moderated by:  Jeff Steers, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, ASTSWMO President


  • Welcome to Montana: Ed Thamke, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, ASTSWMO Past-President
  • Welcome from EPA: Mathy Stanislaus, EPA OSWER Assistant Administrator (via video-conference)
  • ASTSWMO Business and Membership Update: Jeff Steers, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, ASTSWMO President



Plenary Session:  Maximizing Green Remediation, Part 1
This session will discuss how Guam EPA is moving forward on Greening its Small Communities. 


  • Conchita Taitano, Guam Environmental Protection Agency
  • Julie Carver, Matrix Design Group



Plenary Session:  Maximizing Green Remediation, Part 2
This session will focus on State and EPA perspectives on green remediation, update on the ASTM standard and other issues of importance.




Hazardous Waste:  Alternative State Programs
Moderator:  Tammie Hynum (AR), ASTSWMO Hazardous Waste Subcommittee Chair

This session will discuss self-certification programs and alternative State-run compliance assurance programs.  New Hampshire and Colorado will offer attendees an insight as to what has worked for each State.




2012 Annual Meeting, October 18-19, 2012

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • ASTSWMO Welcome: Ed Thamke, MT, ASTSWMO President
  • EPA OSWER Update: Mathy Stanislaus, Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA OSWER



Plenary Session:  The Science of Management
Introduced by: Karen Hale, OH, ASTSWMO PIE Subcommittee Chair

Perhaps there has never been a more difficult time to be a manager or leader in the public sector. Budgets are being slashed and there seems to be a general antipathy towards the stereotyped “public employee.” Also, how the work of government is getting done is changing. 

This training offered insights into how managers can motivate and reinvigorate their employees and organizations despite these obvious challenges and changing environments. 

Speaker:  Daniel Chase, UT DHR



Lunch and Presentation
Speaker: Cheryl Newman, Vice-President and Deputy Chief of Mission, Honest Tea
Topic: Balancing business with today’s growing social, corporate, and environmental responsibility. 



Vapor Intrusion Training
This joint training is for ASTSWMO Brownfields, CERCLA, Federal Facilities, Hazardous Waste, and LUST funded attendees as well as other interested attendees.

Vapor Intrusion (VI) has become a serious environmental issue for regulators, industry leaders, and concerned residents.  Significant resources are being expended to address this complex exposure pathway.

This training was based on the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) national VI pathway guidance Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline (VI-1, January 2007) and the follow-up ITRC VI classroom training that was provided.  The training provided an introduction to the VI pathway, and covered topics including investigative approaches, investigative tools, data evaluation, and mitigation.




PCBs:  Joint session for Brownfields, CERCLA, and Hazardous Waste Funded Attendees and other interested attendees
Moderator: Jennifer Roberts, AK, ASTSWMO CERCLA & Brownfields Subcommittee Chair

During this session, members saw several PCB case studies presented from a Brownfields, Federal Facilities, and RCRA Subtitle C perspective.  EPA provided a briefing on their PCB work and future direction. Lessons learned and successes were discussed for each program area.




2012 State Superfund Managers Symposium, June 19-21, 2012

Introduction and Welcome
Moderated by Wesley Turner (KY), Chair, State Superfund Focus Group

  • Opening remarks from ASTSWMO: Jeff Steers (VA), ASTSWMO Vice-President
  • Welcome from the State of Rhode Island: Terry Gray, RI DEM Assistant Director for Air, Waste, and Compliance
  • Welcome from U.S. EPA Region 1: James T. Owens, III, U.S. EPA Region 1 Director, Office of Site Remediation and Restoration
  • Opening remarks from U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response: Lisa Feldt, U.S. EPA/OSWER Deputy Assistant Administrator



What’s New in Superfund?
Moderated by Jennifer Roberts (AK), CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center Subcommittee Chair

Senior U.S. EPA and ASTSWMO leadership offered perspectives on current State and federal remediation program issues, including recent activities and new initiatives.

  • State Perspectives and Direction of the ASTSWMO CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center: Jennifer Roberts, CaBS Chair
  • Current EPA Initiatives: Jim Woolford, U.S. EPA/OSRTI Director



Northeastern Sediment Perspectives
Moderated by Lou Maccarone (RI)

This session presented case studies from three prominent Northeastern Superfund sites, each with significant sediment contamination: the Centredale Manor Restoration Project Superfund Site in Rhode Island; the New Bedford Harbor Superfund Project; and the Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site.  Prepared in conjunction with the Sediments Focus Group, there was also a short update from a representative of the Focus Group.


Unique Challenges in Applying CERCLA at Federal Facilities
Moderated by Stephanie Andrews (IN) in cooperation with Harry Hendler (AZ)

This session explored the dynamic application of CERCLA at Federal Facilities. The speakers presented a broad spectrum of topics that are experienced within Federal Facilities that fall outside the normal CERCLA universe. Topics ranged from munitions, contracts, interpretation of CERCLA, and the obscure hazards Federal Facilities can present to even the most straight-forward investigations.



2012 Mid-Year Meeting, April 25-26, 2012

Plenary Session:  Hurricane Irene flooding and impact to the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
Moderator: Karen Hale (OH), ASTSWMO Program and Information Exchange (PIE) Subcommittee Chair

  • Chuck Schwer, VT DEC:  How does a State manage an environmental disaster when the State environmental agencies’ offices were impacted by a disaster?



Plenary Session:  EPA Emergency Response Lessons Learned
Moderator:  Karen Hale (OH), ASTSWMO PIE Subcommittee Chair

  • Tito Irizarry, U.S. EPA/OEM: This presentation will focus on lessons learned from various emergency situations EPA has responded to in general over the years.


Plenary Session:  State perspectives on how to prepare and plan for various environmental disasters, such as floods, large animal deaths, and tornadoes
Moderator: Karen Hale (OH), ASTSWMO PIE Subcommittee Chair

  • William Bider, KS DHE: Planning for Foreign Animal Disease and Other Major Large Animal Deaths. This presentation will examine possible scenarios in which many thousands of cattle, pigs, cows, and birds may die from disease or natural disasters.  Kansas, which has millions of animals in confined feeding facilities, dairies, and poultry operations, has planned for such emergencies by establishing pre-selected burial sites.  The State planning process and implementation procedures will be described.  Disposal facilities and management methods are designed to accommodate a wide range of potential animal deaths with the maximum number being over 100,000 cattle in one location.
  • Ed Poolos, AL DEM: One Year Ago This Week – Historic Tornado Outbreak Hits Alabama: Taking a look at the events of April 27, 2011, the Environmental Emergency Response related to the disaster, and things to consider when preparing for this type of event.
  • Mark Williams, MS DEQ: The State of Mississippi has experienced a number of disaster events over the past several years, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and an oil spill.  Each of these events has presented unique challenges to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality in its response efforts. The presentation by MDEQ will describe the agency's response in these disasters events, the lessons learned from each event and how the agency has advanced its response plans for future disaster occurrences in the State.



2011 Annual Meeting, October 26-27, 2011

Plenary Session
Topic:  Hydraulic Fracturing and the Impact to State Programs
Moderated by:  Karen Hale (OH), ASTSWMO PIE Subcommittee Chair

The presentation will feature speakers from two States and two Federal Agencies regarding their perspectives on the challenges of the exploration and production of the Fayetteville Shale Play in Arkansas and the Marcellus Shale on the East Coast of the United States. This presentation covers
the many different and unexpected regulatory areas affected by the exploration of the Shales.


  • Dennis Risser, Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
  • Bernadette Rappold, Division Director, Special Litigation and Projects Division, U.S. EPA Office of Civil Enforcement (OCE) and Sandra Connors, Deputy Director, U.S. EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR)
  • Steve Socash, Chief, Division of Municipal and Residual Waste, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • Ryan Benefield, Deputy Director, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality



Joint Hazardous and Solid Waste Session: Post-Closure Care
Co-Moderated by:  Tammie Hynum (AR), ASTSWMO HW Subcommittee Chair and Mark de Bie (CA), ASTSWMO SW Subcommittee Chair

Presentation will focus on the ASTSWMO Subtitle C and D Post-Closure Care Survey Results.  The speakers will solicit feedback from attendees and outline next steps for the ASTSWMO Workgroup.


  • Ed Hammerberg (MD), Chair, ASTSWMO Corrective Action and Permitting Task Force, and Charles Johnson (CO), Chair, ASTSWMO Municipal D Waste Task Force



2011 Solid Waste Managers Conference, August 9-11, 2011

Welcoming Remarks
Moderator:  Ralph Bohn (UT), Chair, ASTSWMO Solid Waste Training and Technology Transfer (T3) Task Force, Solid Waste Subcommittee

  • The Honorable Sly James, Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Chris Nagel, Director, Solid Waste Management Program, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  • Bill Bider, Director, Bureau of Waste Management, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Region 7 representative on the ASTSWMO Board of Directors
  • Karl Brooks, Region 7 Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



Plenary Session:  EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Strategy
Moderator: Ralph Bohn (UT)

Speaker: Suzanne Rudzinski, Director, Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



Plenary Session:  Finding Sustainable Funding Sources for State Regulatory Programs in a Time of Market Shift*
Moderator:  Ralph Bohn (UT)
Discussion Facilitator:  Mark de Bie (CA), Chair, ASTSWMO Solid Waste Subcommittee

This session will explore options and new sources of funding for State solid waste regulatory programs.  Many States that rely on per ton fees collected on waste disposed at landfills have experienced a downturn in the revenue collected.  This downward trend, although exaggerated by the current economic climate, has been going on for some time and is the result, at least in part, of the effort to divert waste from landfilling to more useful purposes.  A speaker will present some possible funding sources that have been identified for funding recycling programs.  We will follow the presentation with a facilitated discussion of funding options for State regulatory programs.

  • Jeremy O’Brien, P.E., Director of Applied Research, Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), Silver Spring, MD, will discuss a SWANA study of alternative financing for recycling



Plenary Session:  What State Legislators Look for in an Effective Presentation of State Program Needs
Moderator:  Rodney Ferguson (KS), ASTSWMO Solid Waste T3 Task Force

This session is designed to be of use when approaching State legislators and other funding sources when requesting enhanced funding and/or submitting requests for additional resources.  We will hear from Kansas Legislative Post Auditor Scott Frank who will provide a ‘101’ on how to best present information to legislators.  Kansas Representative Tom Sloan and Missouri State Senator Jolie Justus will provide firsthand insight as to what lawmakers look for in successful presentation requests. 

  • Scott Frank, Legislative Post Auditor, Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit
  • Representative Thomas Sloan, Kansas House of Representatives
  • Senator Jolie Justus, Missouri State Senate



2011 Hazardous Waste Conference and Training, June 15-17, 2011

Welcome Session
Moderator: Mary Begin (DC), ASTSWMO Hazardous Waste Training Task Force Chair

  • Tammie Hynum (AR), ASTSWMO Hazardous Waste Subcommittee Chair
  • Stephen Cobb (AL), ASTSWMO President
  • Alan Farmer, RCRA Director, EPA Region 4



Plenary Session:  State of the States
Speaker: Stephen A. Cobb (AL), ASTSWMO President

During this 30 minute session, ASTSWMO’s President will present some information regarding research collected that focuses on the state of State budgets and the impacts the declines have had on State programs.



Plenary Session:  Regulation Overview
Moderator: Anthony Fontana (NJ)

Sometimes we need to take a step back from the day to day issues and ask “How did we get here?” and “Why are we doing what we’re doing?”  In this session we will evaluate the development of hazardous waste regulations and the motivations behind the beginning stages of RCRA.  This session will provide an overview of the regulations and their organization, benefiting not only those relatively new to the RCRA program, but the seasoned veterans as well.



Plenary Session:  Case Study Presentation
Moderator: Tammie Hynum (AR)

Speaker: Michael Brailsford (NC)

This presentation will examine a fire that occurred at a RCRA permitted TSD facility in Apex, North Carolina, which required the evacuation of 17,000 people.  Through their analysis, we will address the fire’s cause, lessons learned, actions taken, and additional findings.



Inspections Breakout, Track A
Moderators: Mary Begin (DC) and Penny Wilson (AR)

Adequate preparation is critical to the effective performance of RCRA inspections. This session will provide an overview of preparing for an inspection with tips and basic information on how to properly scope and plan the inspection to make the most efficient use of time and ensure that all aspects of the facility subject to evaluation are inspected.  In addition, this session will cover common violations found at facilities during inspections and how to decipher significant and secondary violations.



Plenary Session:  Financial Assurance Fundamentals

Moderator: Mary Begin (DC)

Bob Maxey, EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
K.C. Schefski, EPA Office of Compliance and Enforcement

This session will help inspectors and permit writers know what to look for regarding cost estimates and financial projections when reviewing the financial assurance documents at a facility. To accomplish this, the panel will discuss financial assurance mechanisms and examples of facilities that would typically be required to have a RCRA permit with supporting financial assurance. All levels of inspectors and permit writers will surely benefit from this session; since Financial Assurance can be such a complicated topic.



Corrective Action Breakout, Track A
Moderator: Ed Hammerberg (MD)

Speaker: Dan Evans (NY)

This session will provide an introduction to the site-wide RCRA Corrective Action program. The session will discuss corrective action authorities and process, administrative tools to implement corrective action, State authorization, and key milestones on the way to remedy selection and implementation.




2011 Mid-Year Meeting, April 20-21, 2011

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Moderator:  Stephen Cobb (AL), ASTSWMO President

  • Welcome to Colorado: Martha E. Rudolph, Director of Environmental Programs, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Gary Baughman (CO), ASTSWMO Past President
  • Welcome from EPA: Mathy Stanislaus, Assistant Administrator EPA OSWER
  • Secretary-Treasurer Report: Cheryl Coleman (SC), ASTSWMO Secretary-Treasurer


2011 Mid-Year Meeting-Welcome Session from ASTSWMO on Vimeo.


Plenary Session:  Financial Assurance – Industry Perspectives
Moderator:  Karen Hale (OH), Program & Information Exchange Subcommittee Chair

This session will cover the results, as they pertain to industry, of EPA’s Environmental Financial Advisory Board’s reports on the financial test, commercial and captive insurance options, and improved cost estimation practices; EPA’s pending CERCLA 108(b) rulemaking; and financial assurance structures from industry perspectives.



Plenary Session:  Financial Assurance – EPA Perspectives
Moderator:  Karen Hale (OH), Program & Information Exchange Subcommittee Chair

The National Enforcement Priority for Financial Assurance will be discussed in regards to lessons learned, where they are now, the importance of financial assurance, and possible next steps.


  • K.C. Schefski, Associate Director, Waste and Chemical Enforcement Division, EPA OCE
  • Bruce Kulpan, Branch Chief, EPA OSRE


Plenary Session:  Financial Assurance – State Perspectives
Moderator:  Karen Hale (OH), Program & Information Exchange Subcommittee Chair

This session will offer State perspectives on financial assurance issues from the Financial Responsibility Division of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, which oversees the financial assurance for nine divisions, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Hazardous Waste Program Permits Section, which oversees the State equivalent regulations of RCRA Subtitle C.


2010 Annual Meeting, October 27-28, 2010

Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Membership Policy Updates, including ASTSWMO 101
Moderated by:  Gary Baughman, ASTSWMO President

  • Gary Baughman, ASTSWMO President
  • Cheryl Coleman, ASTSWMO Secretary-Treasurer
  • Mary Zdanowicz, ASTSWMO Executive Director


Plenary Session: EPA OSWER Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) and OECA Environmental Justice (EJ) Presentations
Moderated by:  Gary Baughman (CO), ASTSWMO President


  • EPA OSWER:  Mathy Stanislaus, U.S. EPA OSWER Assistant Administrator
  • EPA OECA:  Matt Bogoshian, U.S. EPA OECA Deputy Assistant Administrator


Plenary Session: Community Engagement Successes, Lessons Learned and Partnerships
Moderator:  Butch Dye (MD), ASTSWMO Hazardous Waste Subcommittee Vice-Chair

This session will examine interaction among the State Environmental Agency, the regulated entity and the impacted public and surrounding community in addressing environmental contamination from legacy operations at sites in Maryland and Colorado.




CERCLA and State Response Session: Update on EPA Vapor Intrusion Activities
Moderated by: Ken Kloo (NJ), ASTSWMO CaBS Subcommittee Chair, and Deborah Smegal, EPA

Speakers will present a cross-program Vapor Intrusion update from EPA headquarters.




2010 State Superfund Managers Symposium, August 10-12, 2010

Auto Sector Bankruptcy “Keep the Motors Running: Making Auto Sector Bankruptcy Work”
Moderated by Todd Keyser, DE DNREC    


2010 Hazardous Waste Conference and Training, June 29 - July 1, 2010

Coal Ash Updates Session
Moderated by Iver Johnson, MT


Universal Waste
Moderate by Ed Hammerberg, MD


AA, BB, and CC Regulations/Inspections Training
Moderated by Tammie Hynum, AR


2009 Annual Meeting, October 29 - 30, 2009

Plenary Session: Balancing the Basics with New Initiatives
Moderated by Cheryl Coleman

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