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ASTSWMO Policies and Documents

The revised By-Laws were approved by the voting members at the 2011 Annual Meeting on October 26, 2011.


Letters from the Presidents
»2014 Letter from ASTSWMO President Ryan Benefield (AR)
»2013 Letter from ASTSWMO President Jeff Steers (VA)
»2012 Letter from ASTSWMO President Ed Thamke (MT)

»2011 Letter from ASTSWMO President Stephen Cobb (AL)
»2010 Letter from ASTSWMO President Gary Baughman (CO)
»2009 Letter from ASTSWMO President Peggy Harris, P.E. (CA)
»2008 Letter from ASTSWMO President Michael Savage (OH)


Membership Policies

Member Code of Conduct
»Code of Conduct

Members in Action Policy and Information
»Members in Action Guidance Document
»Members in Action Frequently Asked Questions

Travel and Reimbursement Policy
»Travel and Reimbursement Policy

Whistle-blower Policy
»Whistle-blower Policy


Financial Documents

Financial Documents Policy
»Financial Documents Policy

FY 2013 Form 990
»FY 2013 Form 990

FY 2012 Form 990
»FY 2012 Form 990

FY 2011 Form 990
»FY 2011 Form 990

FY 2010 Form 990
»FY 2010 Form 990

FY 2009 Form 990
»FY 2009 Form 990

FY 2008 Form 990
»FY 2008 Form 990


Sponsorship Policy
»ASTSWMO Sponsorship Policy


Finance Committee Charter
»Finance Committee Charter


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ASTSWMO's mission is to enhance and promote effective State and Territorial programs for waste and materials management, to encourage environmentally sustainable practices and to affect relevant national waste and materials management policies.