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State Symposium on Fuel Oxygenates; Analysis, Assessment, and Remediation
Sponsored by the ASTSWMO MTBE Workgroup
October 21 and 22, 2002
Arlington, Virginia

This workshop was held October 21- 22, 2001 at the Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, VA. The attendance totals were: 43 State LUST Managers; 17 non state including EPA-OUST headquarters and regional staff and other experts from EPA’s ORD. Also participating were USGS, industry and consulting speakers for a total of 60. Agenda topics included: Physical and Chemical Properties of the Oxygenates; Methodologies for Detecting the Oxygenates; Prevalence in Fuel and at LUST sites; The Toxicology of the Oxygenates; Characterization of Sites Containing the Oxygenates; General Overview of Remediation of the Oxygenates; Efficiency of GAC as a Remedial Technology on the Oxygenates; Petroleum Industry Perspectives; State’s Experiences in Remediating the Other Oxygenates and a final session on State perspectives.


Presentations from Monday, October 21, 2002

»Welcome and Introductions Jeff Kuhn - Montana DEQ (175 KB)
»"Physical and Chemical Properties of the Oxygenates" Barry Lesnik - EPA OSW (187 KB)
»"Methodologies for Detecting the Oxygenates" Barry Lesnik - EPA OSW (139 KB)
»"Prevalence in Fuel and at LUST sites, State by State" Fred McGarry - NH DES (295 KB)
»"Fuel Oxygenates: How do their Health Effects Compare" J. Michael Davis - US EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD) (101 KB)
»"General Overview of Remediation of the Oxygenates" Patricia Ellis, Ph.D. - DE (16 MB, PowerPoint file)
»"MTBE and Other Gasoline Oxygenates: Trends in LUST Sites" Mike Martinson - Delta Environmental Consultants (175 KB)
»MTBE Project Update Steven C. Linder, P.E., EPA Region 9 - Charnock (Santa Monica) (429 KB)
»Petroleum Industry Perspectives on the Other Oxygenates Bruce Bauman, Ph. D. - API (927 KB)


Presentations from Tuesday, October 22, 2002

»"Future Research on the Oxygenates" Fran Kremer, Ph.D. - US EPA, ORD (1.2 MB)
»"Sessions on State perspectives" Merlyn Hough - Oregon (314 KB)

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