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CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center
The Center’s mission is to enhance and promote the development of flexible and effective State-run cleanup programs addressing releases of hazardous substances into the environment, including State-run Superfund programs under CERCLA, and State response programs in their implementation of the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act.

Federal Facilities Research Center
The mission of the Federal Facilities Research Center is to promote and enhance State and Territory involvement in the cleanup and reuse of contaminated federal facilities, and to facilitate information exchange by and between States, Territories, and Federal agencies. 

Hazardous Waste Subcommittee
The Hazardous Waste Subcommittee is comprised of three task forces which discuss policy and technical aspects of the RCRA hazardous waste program, research specific program elements of interest to States, develop positions or recommendations, and provide expert comment on issues arising from the implementation of the RCRA program at the State level. Specific work activities focus on the areas of corrective action, compliance monitoring, enforcement, and information management.

Materials Management Subcommittee
The mission of the Materials Management Subcommittee is to enhance and promote the development of effective State and Territorial materials management programs that incorporate product stewardship, source reduction, beneficial use, recycling, conversion technology and land disposal.

Tanks Subcommittee
State Tank Programs are in place which ensure sharing of information among the States, coordination with federal efforts, and integration with other waste management programs, and which have identified and addressed overlapping program elements.


Subcommittee members' contact information is provided as a resource for their fellow waste and materials managers. Please direct all press inquiries to Executive Director Dania Rodriguez.

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ASTSWMO's mission is to enhance and promote effective State and Territorial programs and to affect relevant national policies for waste and materials management, environmentally sustainable practices, and environmental restoration.